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Online Research Aids

Moving On
This page is no longer being updated. Please check out my new site, Backdoor All content related to web development, the Internet and information technology have been reposted there, and their original pages will eventually be phased out.

 Search Engines:  AlltheWeb ::: Google ::: NorthernLight ::: HotBot ::: AltaVista ::: Excite ::: Kartoo ::: Vivismo ::: WiseNut ::: Teoma

Metasearch: Search 10 indexes simultaneously ::: Dogpile Customizable list of search engines ::: Profusion Multiple search and other support ::: Skworm Directory of search engines ::: Ixquick

Specialized Search Engines: Search Engine Guide ::: U.S. Government/Google ::: Google Groups ::: SearchMil ::: SearchEdu ::: SearchGov ::: SearcheBooks ::: Nelson ::: NewsHub ::: Oingo ::: Hoover's Company Database ::: Ask Jeeves ::: Zip2 ::: 411 ::: FindArticles ::: Fazzle

 Web Directories/Portals:  Yahoo ::: Open Directory ::: ::: Lycos Just started directory ::: LookSmart ::: The WWW Virtual Library ::: iWon ::: WebBrain :::

 Research Sites:   NY Times Navigator ::: PowerReporting ::: J-Links Online Journalism Review's Guide to Resources - Excellent! ::: USUS research Usually Useful Guide for Journalists ::: Research-It One-Step Reference Site ::: AcronymFinder Enrich your vocabulary ::: Definitions galore ::: Merriam-Webster Great definitions ::: What do the pictures mean? ::: Computer vocabulary ::: Information Please Trustworthy facts at your fingertips ::: LII Librarians' Index to the Internet ::: LibrarySpot A virtual library resource center ::: MEL Michigan Electronic Library ::: Ithaca College Ready Reference Small college, big resources ::: Internet Public Library/IPL University of Michigan's website ::: MIT Virtual Reference Collection ::: The Argus Clearinghouse Professional librarians classify the Internet ::: Martindale's Simple but useful ::: RefDesk Know where to find the info

 Software & Services:   Atomica Dictionary, translation, thesaurus, search - great desktop tool ::: Bookmarklet Turn your browser into a mutlifaceted tool ::: Copernic2000 Desktop utility for multiple searches ::: Ferrert Software Utilities for multiple searches, including specialized searches ::: Netmind Track web pages & search features for websites ::: TracerLock Monitor search engines ::: SpyOnIt Platform for tracking changes to a website, set of websites, or broader trends and then notifying about that change ::: Northern Light Search Alert Service Help you track the subjects that you care about by sending e-mail about new finds ::: Backflip Organize your bookmarks & more

 Tips on Searches & Research:'s WebSearch Advice and tips ::: Search Engine Watch Everything you want to know about search engines ::: ::: Searching Techniques ::: ResearchBuzzSerious advice about how to get the most out of your research ::: Spire Project Impressive array of tips, links and background ::: Web-Savvy Keeping Current with Web-based Resources

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