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Web Tips and Technology

Some of the following pages were originally published on the CyberStrategy page at the Federation of American Scientists. In early 2001, FAS decided to take the pages of the Web so we are making this information available on our site. There is nothing breath-taking about these tips, but it took me years to understand why they could make a difference in the way that I work with and on the Web.

XHTML: the latest incarnation of HyperText Markup Language that is pointing towards the future.

Cascading Style Sheets: learn this web technology to simplify your management of site design

Font Management for the Web

Server Side Includes: a convenient way for management your web site and its content. If you're heading towards a site with more than 20 pages, you need to understand this approach.

Convert Word Processing Documents to Web formats: tips on how to beat those Word and WordPerfect files into shape for displaying on the Web.

Site management and other details.

NetStats - Facts about the Internet, its shape and direction

Online Resources

Web Development: online help files, tutorials, and other resources

Online Research: websites and other aids